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Cost-Effective Sewer Line Replacement in Petoskey, MI, and Nearby Areas

Sewer lines handle all of the wastewater and transport it to the city or municipal sewage treatment facility for processing. An issue with your sewer line requires immediate attention for health and safety reasons and to prevent any structural damage to your home or building. Our skilled professionals at Hotshots Drain Cleaning offer reliable sewer line replacement in Petoskey, MI, and throughout Emmet County.


Common Sewer Line Issues

When it comes to sewer line problems, we have seen it all over the past 10 years of serving local home and business owners. Among the most common sewer line issues we encounter include

  • Tree root intrusion

  • Grease and waste clogs

  • Corrosion

  • Cracks

  • Offsets

  • Collapse from shifted soil

Why DIY Sewer Services Are Not An Option to Take

Local environmental, health, and safety regulations require licensed professionals to complete sewer repairs because of all the health and safety risks associated with human waste. DIY sewer services put your home or business at risk of considerable structural damage. Contact with sewage necessitates the use of specific personal protective equipment in order to avoid exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses.


Sewer Line Replacement FAQs

Signs That Indicate A Replacement Is Needed

An average sewer pipe provides a 50-year lifespan. However, rust, corrosion, misuse, tree roots, and environmental conditions may shorten that period. If you notice any of the following signs, you need a sewer line replacement:

  • Slow drains

  • Sewage odors

  • Wastewater backup

  • Vigorous grass growth

  • Pooled water or sewage in the yard

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