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Specializing in effective and long lasting drain cleaning and expert diagnosis with sewer camera inspections, Hotshots Drain Cleaning offers our customers the ultimate choice in all of your drain service needs. We believe in providing you with the best option for your situation and offer free estimates and emergency services 24/7. All of our drain services are guaranteed, and we check our work with a camera inspection on every drain cleaning. 

Hotshots Drain Cleaning in Emmet County Michigan Can Fix Drains Other Companies Cant!

We are committed to treating our customers like family with honesty and integrity, reliable services and competitive pricing. For all of your drain cleaning in Emmet County Michigan and the surrounding areas, call (231) 881-6902 today.

Why Choose Hotshots Drain Cleaning Services?

  • Drain Specialists 
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available
  • No Service Fees & Free Estimates
  • Guaranteed Work  
  • Friendly & Professional 
  • Honesty & Integrity

Veteran & First Responder Discounts 

We focus on customer service and can bring a better experience than just a regular plumber. With affordable pricing and free estimates, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service while building a lasting relationship.

We have more than 10 years of experience in plumbing, specializing in drain cleaning and sewer inspection services. Because we specialize in cleaning and repairing your drains, we can solve issues other companies can’t and will never try to sell you services you don’t need. All of our services are performed by a professional plumber, come with a full warranty, and veterans and first responders receive special discounts. 

With emergency services available 24/7, we can help you with issues as they happen to help avoid costly damages. We provide an in depth diagnosis to accurately identify the cause of your issue and offer the ideal repair solution. 




Are you experiencing slow drains? Are foul odors coming from your kitchen sink? Is your toilet overflowing? 

Before attempting a home remedy or plunger, call the professionals at Hotshots Drain Cleaning. Professional drain cleaning is safe and effective, and our methods will restore your drain flow fast and long term. We have fair and up front prices and specialize in Drain Cleaning in Emmet County Michigan and the surrounding areas. We use professional grade equipment and specialized machines to thoroughly clear your drains, and will inspect our work to offer you the best warranty in the industry. We can handle the toughest clogs in all of your drains, including kitchens, lavatory and utility sinks, tubs and showers, toilets, laundry lines and main sewer drains. Home remedies, liquid drain cleaners and plungers can do more harm than good. Call Hotshots Drain Cleaning at (231) 881-6902 for  effective drain cleaning services, fair costs and expert warranties.



Are you experiencing frequent backups in your sewer drain? Have roots invaded your pipes causing damage? Are you purchasing a new home? 

You may need an in-depth view of the sewer line to diagnose the issue and determine the ideal repair. Hotshots Drain Cleaning offers expert sewer camera inspections in Emmet County Michigan and the surrounding areas. We use advanced technology and televised inspections to accurately identify issues causing frequent backups to provide the best repair options. An in-depth sewer camera inspection is also recommended prior to purchasing a new home as it can help you to avoid costly repairs in the future. With our professional sewer camera services, we will be able to show you in real time the cause of backups, diagnose broken or burst sewer lines, and help to find the ideal solution with a professional and cost effective repair. Call Hotshots Drain Cleaning at (231) 881-6902 for specialized service, competitive pricing and exceptional customer care.



Does your property have a septic system for wastewater services? 

If you have a septic system on your property, let Hotshots Drain Cleaning help protect it with SludgeHammer Wastewater Treatment in Emmet County Michigan and the surrounding areas. Your septic system keeps wastewater from flowing back into your home or yard. If your system fails, it could cause costly damages, require cleanup services, and even be hazardous to your health. SludgeHammer Wastewater systems are easily installed into the septic system and can help to extend the life of your septic tank, reduce pumping services, and help protect your home and family. We can provide a free estimate and expert installation without need to retro fit the tank, making it an easy and hassle free experience. They are low maintenance and will give you peace of mind if you have an overflow or clogged septic system or system failure. Call Hotshots Drain Cleaning at (231) 881-6902 to learn more about how we can help protect your home’s septic system, for a free estimate, and for exceptional customer care.


Do you have heavy grease buildup or foul odors in your kitchen drains? Are roots damaging your main sewer line? 

When drains and sewer lines are blocked with heavy grease and sludge, or root have entered the line and are causing damage, the most effective method to resolve the issue is hydro jetting. Trust Hotshots Drain Services for superior service. Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to remove roots and dissolve hard blockages. With a specialty jetter nozzle that moves in a forward and reverse motion, the water streams can clean 360 degrees of the drain pipes for thorough drain cleaning. We specialize in main sewer pipe cleaning with hydro jetting in Emmet County, MI and the surrounding areas and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you when you need it most. Call Hotshots Drain Cleaning at (231) 881-6902 for hydro jetting services, up front pricing and expert warranties.


10% off main line drain cleaning

Must mention coupon when scheduling. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. 

$100 off Sludgehammer installation

Must mention coupon when scheduling. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. 

10% off camera inspection

Must mention coupon when scheduling. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. 

20% off drain clean for military vets, first responders

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Completely fixed my persistently clogged shower drain in fifteen minutes and worked with my super tight schedule showing up on the same day. Dalton also explained and showed me how to keep my toilet from running which has been a bother since I moved in, without suggesting I order new parts. Just a simple fix. Would definitely recommend.

Natalie Brooke

Cleaned out my kitchen drain. It was clogged 15 ft down the pipe and they were able to clear it in a timely manner.  Works great now. Also… had several other small plumbing chores that they were able to do. I recommend giving them a try if you have drain issues.

Jeffrey Fettig

Dalton is fast and efficient , he’s always just a phone call away and willing the help. Probably should have called him before watching 23 videos…

-Caitlin Strobel 

Call the best & flush the rest!!!

-Ryan Giles

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